Assalamu Alaykum brothers and sisters.

Welcome to my new blog project – Halal Ville. It’s been long i’ve been planning to have a blog about halal, and now … it’s up and running!

I have so many reasons why i need to develop this weblog. I aimed to promote Halal awareness among us Muslims particularly here in the Philippines, to know different Halal issues,  impart halal lifestyle in daily life and build a creative network among social, educational, government and business sectors to develop halal community collaboratively for common benefits of everyone.

On personal reasons i want a ready available database of Halal Restaurants and food related since im a Moro Foodie and food blogger, i love to eat and splurge on foods but its hard when there’s none Halal available or at least pork-free establishments – restaurants or fast-food chain. Having a database nor list of Halal establishments, it will also help other Muslims enjoy their stay here in the Philippines.

Other reason also is there’s little information dissemination on what is halal and there’s question who is really the Halal Authority in the Philippines, unlike other Muslim nation who has  authorities nor agencies that outline a halal chain from authority to manufacturers to products to consumers.

I will try to fill this gap, i will reach out to Islamic scholars nor authority about halal, will share anything i will learn from them. If you know any of them (scholars), drop me a message so i can interview them if they are willing – contact me here.

If you have any questions nor queries about halal or suggestions and want to share to me, click contact us.