Halal Blog (formerly Halal Ville) is a Halal Weblog by Jun Macarambon aimed to promote Halal as a way of life. Halal means permissible lifestyle based on Islamic law. Halal is not only about food but also means good quality, healthy, environmentally friendly and respecting of human values.


  • Promote Halal awareness
  • Know Halal issues
  • Encourage society always impart Halal lifestyle in daily life
  • Building creative network among social, educational, govt & business sectors to develop Halal collaboratively for common benefits


In Philippines there’s always been a problem for Bangsamoro people and Filipino Muslims living particularly in big urban cities like Metro Manila, Cebu City and Davao City to find Halal restaurants or Halal Fast-Food and Halal Meatshop or Groceries. There’s also little information dissemination on what is halal and there’s question who is the Halal Authority in the Philippines, unlike other Muslim nation who has  authorities nor agencies that outline a halal chain from authority to manufacturers to products to consumers.

To address this problem, thru blogging and web – Jun Macarambon will promote awareness about Halal and push our Muslim Leaders to address Halal issues in the Philippines. Jun also develop an online discussion board: www.HalalForums.com and created Halal Philippines Community @ facebook.com/HalalPhilippines.

You can reach Jun on his Twitter @junmacarambon, Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/wyzemoro and Email: jun@morofocus.com for  any suggestions. Collaboration are very welcome.

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